Economic Development Commission
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Economic Development Commission
6280 W. 800 North
McCordsville, In 46055

Agenda for Tuesday, June 14, 2022 at 05:00 PM

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call & Confirmation of Quorum
  3. Oath of Office and Conflict of Interest
  4. Election of Officers- President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer
  5. Approval of Minutes from September 7, 2021
    Documents: EDC Minutes 9-7-21
  6. Old Business
  7. New Business
    1. Adoption of Project Report (McCord Square)
    2. Public Hearing Final Action Resolution ( McCord Square Bonds)
      Documents: Notice of Public Hearing- Published
    3. Resolution 061422- Recommending Issuance of Lease Rental Bonds and Other Actions In Respect Thereto (McCord Square)
      Documents: Bond Purchase Agreement Lease Rental Bond | Lease Agreement Lease Rental Bond | Sublease Agreement Lease Rental Bond | Trust Indenture Lease Rental Bond | Infrastructure Lease Rental Bond Feasibility Study | EDC Special Meeting Minutes- Lease Rental 6-14-22 | R061422- Final Action Resolution Lease Rental Bonds (McCord Square)
    4. Resolution 061422A- Recommend Issuance of Bonds and Other Actions in Respect Thereto- Rebar Bonds (McCord Square Apartments)
      Documents: Rebar Apartment Bond- Feasibility Study | Bond Purchase Agreement- Rebar Bonds (form) | Financing & Covenant Agreement- Rebar 2022 | Trust Indenture- Rebar 2022 (Form) | EDC Special Meeting Minutes- Rebar Bond 6-14-22 | R061422A- Final Action Resolution- Rebar Bond (McCord Square)
  8. Adjournment
* Public comments are limited to 2 minutes per person unless additional time is authorized by the Chair.