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Neighborhood Watch - Citizens and Police Working Together For A Safer Community

A Neighborhood Watch or Community Watch is citizen(s) residing in McCordsville that have devoted his, her, or themselves to crime and vandalism prevention within a neighborhood.
Having a Neighborhood Watch or Community Watch does not have to be a formal group, even though there are organizations available to assist neighborhoods and communities that desire to do so. One such organization is the National Crime Prevention Council.
The McCordsville Police Department seeks to form a positive bond with its citizens who desire to organize such a group. The department does not consider the members or persons desiring safer neighborhoods as vigilantes, since the department does not expect, nor do we recommend, such individuals directly intervene in possible criminal activity. Instead, the McCordsville Police Department, wants these concerned individuals to stay alert to unusual activity and contact the Police Department for response, intervention, and resolution to the activity.
The McCordsville Police Department offers the following tips:
1.) Know your neighbors and your neighborhood. The police department patrols neighbrohoods many times each day; however, we will not be as familiar with oddities as those who reside in the neighborhood.
2.) If you are reporting a crime or a crime-in-progress, emphasize that point when you first speak with the dispatcher. Stay on the telephone to give the dispatcher as much information as you have available to you. If you wish to speak with the responding officer, please request the dispatcher inform the responding officer that you want to speak with him or her.

3.) If you see a suspicious person, you are encouraged to watch the person and monitor his or her activity.
    • Remember: Suspicious activity is not always going to be criminal in nature.
    • Example: A person (of whatever racial, ethnical, or gender) not of that neighborhood simply walking down the street is not a high priority response. However, a person (of whatever racial, ethnical, or gender) walking down the street looking into, trying to get into, or damaging vehicles would prompt a more rapid response.

4.) If you see an unfamiliar vehicle parked on your street - record the license plate number (if possible) and a complete description of the vehicle. CYMBAL Color - Year - Make - Body - and - License

You do not need to identify yourself when you call, however, the dispatcher would appreciate having that information should the responding officer need that information to complete a thorough investigation. and possible follow up to a prosecution.
We want to be there to help you - please be there for us when we need information.

Should your homeowner's association or neighborhood want to form a formal neighborhood watch, contact the McCordsville Police Chief for assistance.

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