Vehicle Crash Information

Q. I was involved in a vehicle accident; how can I obtain a copy of the police report?
A. You can obtain a copy of your vehicle crash in one of two ways. 
           (1) You can come to the McCordsville Police Department Monday thru Friday (excluding holidays) 8am to 4pm and for the fee of $5.00 you will be provided a copy of the vehicle crash.
           (2) You can click on the MY CRASH REPORT link.  After clicking on the link, you will need to provide the following information:
                      a.) Involved person's last name, and
                      b.) Date of event, and
                      c.) Law Enforcement Agency's name that took the report; or
                      d.) The crash number provided you by the law enforcement agency.
Q. My accident occurred yesterday and I cannot find my report, is there a problem?
A. Not necessarily.  Reports take anywhere from 2 to 3 days to process through.  If it has been more than 72 hours since your accident, please call us and let us know of the problem.
Q. I  was not at fault, but I want the other person's insurance information; can I call you?
A. While the officers are always willing to assist you, calling for the insurance information takes those officers away from other duties.  If the other person provided their insurance information to the reporting officer then it will be on the police report for you and your insurance carrier to read at your leisure.
Q. Why doesn't the police report state who's at fault?
A. In Indiana police officers take the information at the scene, combined with the statements of the driver(s) and witnesses (if any) and write that information in a report.   The information includes what the officer(s) believe were the cause and contributing factors.  That information will be used by other authorities to determine what level of fault (if any) is assigned to either driver.
Q. I found an error on my report, what do I do?
A. Contact our office immediately.  If the error is on the officer's part, he or she will generate a supplement citing the correction. 

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