General Permit & Bond Information

To All Permit Applicants:
Make all checks payable to the "Town of McCordsville, Indiana." The named beneficiary on all bonds shall be, "Town of McCordsville, Indiana." All bonds shall have the representatives principal's and surety's signatures notarized. Their residence and the expiration date of the commission shall accompany the notary's name.

PERMIT FEES - by check or money order ONLY

Minor Commercial driveways, $2.00 per foot, $50.00 minimum

Major Commercial driveways, $2.00 per foot, $150.00 minimum

Residential driveways a width of 24 feet or less, $25.00. For residential driveways with more than 24 feet of width, "Commercial Rates" shall apply.

Cuts parallel to the road/street, $50.00 flat fee

For cuts across the roadway/street, $125.00 flat fee

For borings or pushes under the roadway/street, $100.00 flat fee, including necessary cuts parallel to the road/street

For pole lines, $40.00 flat fee

Dumpster or construction materials stored in unpaved rights-of way $50.00 per week per building site

For underground construction, grading, trenching, or excavation parallel to the road, $50.00 flat fee

Temporary Road Obstruction, $50.00 flat fee

Sewer Inspection, $50

Occupancy Permit Release, $50; re-inspection fee $50.00 to be paid for each subsequent re-inspection

Sidewalk inspection fee, $50.00

BONDS - a surety bond shall accompany all permit applications for the following amounts. These amounts are general guidelines and may be increased or lowered at the discretion of the Town Council of McCordsville, Indiana for specific cases based on the work being done.

Residential Driveway - none required

Minor Commercial Driveway - $20,000

Major Commercial Driveway - $25,000

Road / Street Crossing - Open Cut - $10,000

Road / Street Crossing - Push or Bore - $10,000

Parallel Open Cuts - $5000

Pole Line Work - $5000

Parallel Road / Street Work - $5000

For Underground Construction, or any Grading, Trenching, Excavation parallel to the road not described above - $5000

Annual Surety Bond - $25,000 minimum

Bond amounts should be confirmed with the Town Street Commissioner or his/her representative for each permit application. All bonds shall be for a full one-year period. Follow up maintenance bonds may be required for an additional five-year period for road cuts. An annual surety bond may be posted by companies who perform continuous and regular work in the town right of ways. All surety bonds shall be written so that they automatically renew, unless the surety gives written notice of non-renewal to the Town Council sixty (60) days prior to the annual expiration date. The written notice shall be made by certified mail to the Town Council of McCordsville, McCordsville, IN 46055, Attn. Clerk Treasurer.

Note: Failure to completely fill out all applicable blanks on the application forms, or to not follow the guidelines in the memorandum will result in the return of your application.

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