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Q: When does the stormwater utility fee go into effect?

A. The Town Council approved the fee on Dec. 13, 2005 and it will be effective on the billing statement you will receive in January 2006.

Q: Why do I have to pay a stormwater fee?
A. The Town of McCordsville is responsible for providing stormwater management facilities and services, including installation and maintenance of storm drains, inlets and ditches, as well as ensuring that State programs such as erosion control and sediment control are provided on construction sites. The Town is also mandated by the Federal Government under the MS4 program to develop a comprehensive stormwater management plan. Funding is not provided by the Federal or State governments for these services.

Q: What is stormwater and why is it a problem?

A. Stormwater is water from rain and snowmelt. As rain and snow falls to earth in agricultural and undeveloped areas, it is either absorbed or it slowly runs off and dissipates. In a growing community like McCordsville, where rooftops and paved areas not only prevent the water from being absorbed, but help it run off at a much faster rate, problems can arise. Inadequate drainage systems compound these serious problems associated with heavy rains and snow thaw. The stormwater accumulates in many areas of the Town, causing nuisance flooding and possible threats to public health and safety.

However, flooding is only a part of the problem. As the rain falls onto our streets and runs off, it carries with it pollutants such as gasoline, oil and heavy metals. Pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers are washed from lawns and farm fields.

Q: How will the revenues from the stormwater utility fee be used?

A. All revenues will be used to support the stormwater program, which includes maintenance of the drainage system, such as pipes and ditches; protecting properties from flooding; protecting our streams and wetlands from erosion and pollution; and complying with State and Federal regulatory mandates.

Q: Who has to pay to fee?

A. All residential property owners, owners of agricultural property, owners of undeveloped, platted property, owners of commercial or business property, schools, churches and other not-for-profits, including the Town of McCordsville.

Q: What are the utility fees based on?

A. The stormwater utility fee is based on the amount of stormwater runoff from building roofs, driveways and parking lots and other impervious surface areas.

Q: What is impervious surface?

A. Impervious surface means those disturbed or hard surfaced areas that either prevent or retard the natural entry of water into the soil. Rooftops, buildings, streets, parking lots, sidewalks, asphalt, concrete, other paving, and driveways are all examples of impervious surface.

Q: How are residential fees determined?

A. Each home in McCordsville is equal to one Equivalent Residential Unit or ERU. Residential property is charged at a fee of $7.50 per residential unit per month.

Q: How is agricultural property assessed?

A. Agricultural property is assessed a fee of $3.60 per acre per year. Therefore, an 80 acre farm would pay an assessment of $288.00 per year. If there is a home on the property, there would be an additional $7.50 a month (or $45 semi-annually) assessment.

Q. How are platted, undeveloped properties assessed?

A. Platted, undeveloped parcels are assessed at $15.00 per parcel per year.

Q: What if I own two parcels next to each other, but I only have a house on one parcel?

A. You would pay the $7.50 a month fee for the parcel with the home located on it and $15.00 per year for the separate, undeveloped parcel you own.

Q: I already pay a ditch assessment to Hancock County, why do I have to pay this fee?

A. You will no longer be paying the ditch assessment to the County.

This fee replaces the ditch assessment.

Q: I have a septic tank. Why should I pay this fee?

A. The stormwater utility fee is used specifically to address stormwater issues throughout the Town. A septic tank is used to treat wastewater at a specific location. Therefore, owners of property who currently do not receive a sewer bill, will begin receiving a $45.00 bill semi-annually. This is based on the $7.50 per month residential rate.

Q: How are commercial properties assessed?

A. Commercial properties are divided into three categories - small, medium and large. Small is defined as having 24,999 square feet or less of impervious surface; medium is defined as between 25,000 to 49,999 square feet of impervious surface and large is property in excess of 50,000 square feet of impervious surface. Each commercial property is also required to pay a monthly flat rate, plus $.00083 per square foot of impervious surface (based on the 3,000 square foot ERU). The monthly flat rate is $15 for small, $30 for medium, and $45 for large facilities.

Q: My business was required to put in a detention pond, which helps control stormwater pollution. Can I get a credit for having installed this pollution prevention device?

A. Yes, a credit for installing detention ponds or other similar devices is taken into account before you receive your bill. If your facility is categorized as a large or medium commercial facility, you will receive a credit against your flat rate of $15. If you are the owner of a small commercial facility, the amount of the credit is $5.

Q: What if I live in an apartment or duplex? Do I have to pay $7.50 a month?

A. Not directly. The billing statement will be sent to the property owner in the same way as the sewer bills are sent.

Q: Is there anyway I can appeal this fee?

A. Yes. There are procedures which apply to all adjustment requests of the stormwater utility user fee. The request should be directed to the Town's Authorized Agent, who is Ron Crider, the Public Works Commissioner. The procedures are contained in Ordinance 110805, which can be obtained at Town Hall, 6280 W 800 N

Q: What happens if the Town of McCordsville fails to meet the new regulations and requirements of the EPA and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management?

A. The Town could face fines of up to $25,000 a day for each violation.

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