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ATTENTION: The Planning & Building Dept. is holding its Public Meetings and Public Hearings virtually, due to COVID-19, with an option for in-person attendance for all public hearings.  During this time period, members of the public and the press may attend any meetings which include a public hearing, in-person at Town Hall to observe the remote meeting and will be able to offer live, direct public comments during the meeting.  Information regarding how to attend these meetings remotely is provided below and on each meeting's online agenda.  Any public meeting which also includes a public hearing, will allow for public comment prior to the meeting, and during the meeting via Zoom or in-person at Town Hall.  Public comment can be provided via any of the formats noted below.  Please note, if you do not have a smart phone and/or do not have an internet connection, you can use the call-in feature via a traditional telephone.  If you have any questions about how to virtually access and attend these meetings, how to attend in-person, or how to submit comments please contact us at or 317.335.3604.  We appreciate everyone's patience as we navigate these challenges together.
March Public Meetings 
  • March 3rd Board of Zoning Appeals - meeting cancelled 
  • March 4th Technical Advisory Committee
  • March 16th Architectural Review Committee - meeting info coming soon
  • March 16th Plan Commission - meeting info coming soon

Options for Submitting Public Comments

        Before the meeting:

  1. Email to
  2. Written letters mailed to Town Hall – 6280 W 800N, McCordsville, IN 46055
  3. Phone calls to 317.335.3604

       During a public hearing meeting:

  1. Email to
  2. Using the "raise your hand" feature within zoom to notify Town staff you have a question/statement/concern, at the time of the hearing, those who have done so will be un-muted, sworn-in by the Town atty, and allowed to speak
  3. Using the call-in feature within zoom (via a traditional phone, for those who do not have an internet connection and/or smart phone), phone only participants will have a method to notify staff they have a comment, and will be un-muted, sworn-in by the Town atty, and allowed to speak
  4. Attending the meeting in-person at Town Hall (6280 W 800N, McCordsville, IN 46055)
The McCordsville Planning & Building Department is responsible for all planning, zoning, and building services for properties within the incorporated limits of the Town of McCordsville. For a map of the incorporated limits and zoning of the Town of McCordsville, click here
Permit Applications and Procedures
McCordsville's Planning & Building Dept. is using iWorQ for permit management and only accepts electronic filings and applications through the on-line system. You will begin by creating an iWorQ username and password or by logging in and filling out the appropriate application.   
To apply for a permit and/or for other applications: Permit Application Portal
Complete the application and attach the plans required for each project. Click on this Permit Guide, which will give detailed information about each permit type and when a permit is required.
Inspection Procedures
All inspections are requested via our Customer Engagement Portal.  You can search for permits by the permit number, lot number, subdivision, or the applicant's name. You must have your contractor code to request an inspection. Please contact if you do not know your contractor code.
Please submit the inspection request a minimum of 1 business day before you would like the inspection. 

The Town of McCordsville follows the Articles of Title 675 of the Indiana Administrative Code. For the current codes refer to 

Below is a list of required inspections and procedures for each permit type.

            Accessory Structure – Inspection Procedures

            Commercial – Inspection Procedures

            New Business Certificate of Occupancy

            Residential – Inspection Procedures

            Remodel/Addition/Telecom/Electrical – Inspection Procedures

            Sign – Inspection Procedures

Fee Schedule

Click here to view the Town of McCordsville Fee Schedule, adopted by the Town Council on November 8, 2016. 

Did you see this sign?
This sign indicates that a property owner has applied for petition that requires a public hearing. 
Click on the Case Number below for additional information about the project and the hearing date. 
 Public Hearing sign  
Current Case Numbers - Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA)
Current Case Numbers - Plan Commission (PC)

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