Metropolitan Board of Police Commissioners

On February 13, 2018 the Town Council passed local ordinance 021318-A abolishing the Office of Town Marshal and establishing in its place a Board of Metropolitan Police Commissioners.
The Metropolitan Board of Police Commissioners consists of five (5) residents of the Town of McCordsville, Indiana have the following powers and duties provided in Indiana Code 36-8-9-4:
1.) Appointment of future Police Officers of the McCordsville Metropolitan Police Department;
2.) Appointment of future Police Chief of the McCordsville Metropolitan Police Department; 
3.) Appointment of future civiilan employees;
4.) Recommend compensation for members of the Police Department;
5.) Acts as the "Safety Board" for the purposes suspension, demotion or dismissal of any member of the Police Department;
6.) Adoption of General Orders and Policies that govern the operations and discipline of the Police Department; and
7.) Any and all other duties and powers provided by Indiana Statute.
On May 17, 2018 the McCordsville Metropolitan Board of Metropolitan Police Commissioners were formally seated and sworn in by Hancock County Clerk of the Courts, Ms. Marcie Moore.
The Following are the Town of McCordsville's first Metropolitan Board of Police Commissioners:
1.) Mark A. Walker - President, Board of Police Commissioners    
      My Contact Information: Mark Walker
       2.) Charles E. Meggenhofen - Vice President, Board of Police Commissioners
            My Contact Information:  Charles "Chuck" Meggenhofen
             3.) Wade E. Apel - Secretary, Board of Police Commissioners
                  My Contact Information:  Wade E. Apel
                  4.) Claude E. Robinson - Member, Board of Police Commissioners
                       My Contact Information:  Claude E. Robinson, Sr.
                        5.) William W. Benson, Sr. - Member, Board of Police Commissioners
                              My Contact Information:  William W. Benson, Sr.
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