Town Council Meeting
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Town Council Meeting
6280 W. 800 North
McCordsville, In 46055

Agenda for Tuesday, June 14, 2022 at 07:00 PM

  1. Roll Call and Pledge of Allegiance
  2. Approval of Minutes
    Documents: May 10th Town Council Minutes
  3. Consent Agenda
    1. Public Safety Report
      Documents: Metro Board Public Safety Report
    2. WWTP Bond Payment- Old National
      Documents: Old National WWTP Bond Payment 5-12-22
    3. Financial Management Policies- Debt Management, Investment, Reserves & Liquidity
      Documents: Debt Management Policy | Investment Policy | Reserves and Liquidity Policy
    4. Villages at Brookside Section 15 plat
      Documents: Villages 15 plat
    5. Track Loader Quote Recommendation & Approval
      Documents: Bobcat of Anderson- Track Loader Quote | Track Loader Recommendation
    6. Mini Excavator Recommendation & Quote
      Documents: Bobcat of Anderson- Mini Excavator Quote | Mini Excavator Recommendation
    7. ADA Ramp Replacement Quote
      Documents: ADA Ramp Replacement quote- Mattingly Concrete | ADA Ramp Replacement Recommendation
    8. Amendment to Council Rules and Procedures
      Documents: Amendment to Rules and Procedures
  4. Clerk-Treasurer's Report
    Documents: May Monthly Financial Report | Paid Invoice Report
  5. Old Business
    1. Strategic Capital Partners - 2nd Reading of Annexation ORD 030822 & Rezone ORD 051022
      Documents: Annexation Ordinance | Rezone Ordinance & Commitments | Staff Report
    2. Ordinance 061422 and Ordinance 061422A- Bond/Lease Ordinance for McCord Square (approves substantially final forms of trust indenture, financing agreement, lease agreement, sublease agreement and any other required documents)
      Documents: Ordinance 061422- Bond Ordinance - Rebar Bonds | Ordinance 061422A- Bond Ordinance - Lease Rental Bonds
    3. Public Hearing and 2nd Reading of Sewer Ordinance
      Documents: Ordinance Amending Ordinance 090908A | Version 2 with split payments
    4. Access Management Plan
      Documents: Access Management Plan
  6. New Business
    1. Rivendell Planned-Unit Development (PUD) - 2nd Reading on Annexation ORD 041222B and 1st Reading on PUD Ordinance
      Documents: Annexation Ordinance | PUD Rezone Ordinance | Staff Report
    2. Town Hall Technology Upgrades
      Documents: Blades Audio Visual Quote | Municipal Creative Town Hall IT Quote | Conference Technologies- Town Hall upgrades | Conference Technologies- uniCOS Example
    3. Engagement contracts for Police Station Feasibility & Planning (Owners Rep, Legal, FA)
      Documents: LWG Advisors- Financial Consulting Engagement | Hall Render- PD Planning Engagement Contract | Veridus- Owners Rep Proposal
    4. Feasibility Study for new PD Station
      Documents: K2M Design- Feasibility Study for PD Station
    5. Emergency Order regarding Temporary COVID-19 Policy
      Documents: Resolution to Amend Employee Handbook
    6. Amendment to the Noise Ordinance on 1st Reading
      Documents: Noise Ordinance Amendment
    7. Update of Change Order Policy
      Documents: Change Order Policy
    8. Informal Development Proposal by Schafer Development
  7. Committee Reports
    1. Vernon Township Fire
    2. Public Works Committee
    3. Parks Board
    4. Redevelopment Commission
    5. Plan Commission
    6. Architectural Review Committee
    7. Town Manager's Report
    8. Assistant Town Manager Report
    9. Public Works Commissioner's Report
  8. Public Comments*
* Public comments are limited to 2 minutes per person unless additional time is authorized by the Chair.