Town Council Meeting
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Town Council Meeting
6280 W. 800 North
McCordsville, In 46055

Agenda for Tuesday, May 10, 2022 at 07:00 PM

  1. Roll Call and Pledge of Allegiance
  2. Approval of Minutes - April 12, 2022 Regular Meeting
    Documents: Minutes 4-12-2022
  3. March Financial Report, Paid Invoice Report
    Documents: Monthly Financial Report | Paid Invoice Report
  4. March Metro Board Report
    Documents: April 2022 Metro Board Report
  5. Public Comments for non-agenda items
  6. Road Impact Fee Presentation- A&F Engineering
  7. Old Busines- None
  8. New Business
    1. Roadway Services Contract for Mt. Comfort Widening Project
      Documents: Broadway & CR 600 Intersection Improvement Contract- A&F Engineering
    2. Mt. Comfort Road Corridor Planning- Engineering Contract
      Documents: Mt. Comfort Intersection & Corridor Planning Contract- A&F Engineering | CR 600 W RAB layout on-call agreement
    3. Strategic Capital Partners Annexation Ordinance No. 030822 on Second Reading & Rezone Ordinance on First Reading
      Documents: SCP Zoning & Commitments | SCP Annexation Ordinance | Staff Report
    4. Shadow Trace PUD Rezone Ordinance on First Reading
      Documents: Shadow Trace PUD Ordinance | Staff Report
    5. Sanitary Sewer Ordinance Update of 53.22 Connection Charges- 1st Reading
      Documents: Ordinance Amending Ordinance 090908A (Sanitary Sewer Connection Charges)
    6. Villages at Brookside Sections 14 & 15 Sewer Developer Agreements
      Documents: Villages 14 Sewer Development Agreement | Villages 15 Sewer Development Agreement
    7. McCord Pointe Sections 6 and 7 Sewer Developer Agreements
      Documents: McCord Pointe 6 Sewer Development Agreement | McCord Pointe 7 Sewer Development Agreement
    8. Cityscape Residential- Informal Presentation (No official filing or TC action will be taken)
  9. Other Committee Reports
    * Redevelopment Commission
    * Plan Commission
    * Architectural Review
    * Parks Board
    * Public Works Committee
    * Vernon Township Fire Committee
    Documents: Walker IT Invoice- PW Approved 5-2-22 | Citizens Energy Invoice- PW Approved 5-2-22
  10. Town Manager's Report
    1. Ninestar Contract Renewal (Two-Factor Authentication)
      Documents: Ninestar Contract Renewal 2022
  11. Public Works Commissioner's Report
  12. Assistant Town Manager's Report:
    1. County Comprehensive Plan Update
      Documents: Future Land Use Map- Hancock County | Hancock County Land Use Categories
  13. Public Comments*

For accommodation needs for persons with disabilities, please call 317-335-3151

* Public comments are limited to 2 minutes per person unless additional time is authorized by the Chair.